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Institutional Investors

As a local broker and clearer for the GSA region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), in addition to the placement and distribution of primary market transactions, Baader Bank offers all secondary market services for institutional customers.

Experienced sales, sales trading, and execution teams in Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, London, and New York are direct contact partners for investors in Europe, the Middle East, and the USA.

Sales Specialists

  • support institutional investors in Europe, the Middle East, and the USA
  • are focused on German, Austrian, and Swiss equities
  • provide advice based on the Baader Helvea Equity Research product
  • ensure regular contact with companies (corporate access) in the form of conferences and roadshows

In the area of sales trading and execution, specialists receive customer orders via electronic market access to international stock exchanges and ensure orders in equities, bonds, ETPs, and derivatives are automatically executed based on their research products and trading ideas.


Specialists in the Sales Trading and Execution Area

  • receive customer orders
  • generate trading ideas and provide specific market analyses
    (daily morning news, weekly preview, market updates, flow updates)
  • minimise the market impact of transactions by means of active flow management
  • provide individual trading strategies and ensure that block trades, block crossing, pair trades, and classic basket and portfolio trades are executed
  • are available on trading days from 7:30 am to 10 pm for specific customer requests
  • provide electronic market access to international stock exchanges (including via Fidessa, Autex, and Bloomberg EMSX)
  • use multilateral trading systems (including BATS/Chi-X, Turquoise, and Tradegate) and dark pools (including BATS Dark, CHI-X Dark, SIGMA, and SIGMA X)
  • ensure quick, cost-effective, and MiFID-compliant order execution with the use of optimised order routing processes and by means of trading algorithms according to the tried and tested smart order routing and best execution principle

The expansion of services by derivatives clearing as a part of prime services has offered additional value for customers since 2016.

Specialists in the Clearing Area

  • are available from 7 am to 7 pm for specific questions on the subject of clearing
  • ensure the efficient founding and winding up of new business
  • enable flexible securities management
  • guarantee average price calculation and booking
  • enable margin calculations with individually agreed margin factors at account level
  • offer account management and settlement in all currencies
  • send payment instructions via SWIFT to custodian banks
  • offer automatic calculation according to German tax law (e.g. settlement tax)
  • offer reporting under foreign tax law (Austria, Switzerland)
  • offer tailored reports in German
  • offer a competitive and flexible fee structure, which is staggered
  • start take-up and full service transactions
  • upon request, report to supervisory officials (e.g. EMIR)


As part of our range of services, we also offer participation in our conferences

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Lukas Burkart
Head of Distribution

Sebastian Niedermayer
Head of Multi Asset Execution

Markus Mayer
Head of Capital Markets