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Baader Bank has been synonymous with the highest levels of professionalism in securities trading for over 40 years. To continue offering our clients and partners a first-rate service in the future, we are subsuming our trading activities and services under 'Baader Trading'.

What we offer our business partners

Direct trading
Baader Bank uses direct over-the-counter ("OTC") trading to provide partner banks and cooperation partners with a first-class execution venue for client orders and proprietary trading.

  • Tight spreads and high liquidity
  • Fast execution
  • 08:00 to 22:00
  • Over 23,000 securities
  • Access to Swiss equities
  • Free-of-charge order execution

Market making and order book management 
As one of the leading market makers in Germany, we oversee more than 800,000 securities on the Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin stock exchanges. By placing your trust in our many years of expertise in exchange trading, you can reap the rewards of excellent order execution.

At gettex
With the gettex Munich Stock Exchange trading model, we act as an exclusive market maker for all listed securities in the equities, bonds, funds and ETF/ETC asset classes and ensure excellent execution quality — quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Crypto trading
Baader Bank offers its clients regulated access to native cryptocurrencies. Securities trading and cryptocurrencies are brought together on a high-performance platform in a way that is secure, automated and scalable.

High-touch brokerage
Our experienced Sales Trading team will supervise your order flow, give you relevant information during trading and offer you active flow management, especially for challenging orders (e.g. block trades, crossings).

Electronic market access
We provide our partners with reliable, efficient and fully electronic access to numerous national and international trading venues. All asset classes benefit from automated execution, making it highly efficient. A cost-effective and simple solution that does not require clients to have their own exchange memberships and connections.