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One of the leading European Partners for Capital Markets.

HIGH Performance BANKING

Our Vision

We are one of the leading European partners for investment and banking services. We deliver quality service and professional, reliable partnership to all client groups and our scalable interface-based platform is based on market-leading technology and processes.

Our Mission

We offer our clients a unique trading and banking setup using a single powerful platform that offers optimum access both to trading and to the capital markets using a secure, automated and scalable approach.

Trailer with core contents of our strategy:

Our Offer

Best-in-Class Quoting, Quality and Efficiency.
We are a full-service provider offering outstanding quoting and execution quality and optimum process efficiency. We utilise a range of stock exchanges and collaboration models.We are quick to assess and implement the latest technology, process and service innovations and tap into potential new markets and products.


Market Leader for GSA Equity Brokerage.
We are a high-profile trading partner and count amount the market leaders, particularly in relation to the cash equity business from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our product portfolio is completed by derivatives and interest rate products. We are the number one contact for international investors in German-speaking regions, and in particular for the German-speaking business, though also for pan-Europe and global.

Connecting Corporate Needs and Trading Issues.
As a capital market partner for corporate clients and issuers, we offer added value with our trading expertise. Our collaborative role in transactions is bolstered by our placement and structuring expertise. Our service offering for corporate clients is rounded off by excellent, award-winning corporate and sector research, investment technology and asset management from a market leader.

Fully fledged Trading and Custody Solutions.
We are the pioneer behind the pioneers. We provide our modern infrastructure to numerous leading fintechs, making a fundamental contribution to their business model. With our regulatory-compliant and highly efficient banking platform, we guarantee the fulfilment of future banking requirements through our performance - from custody account management straight through to break down. We also offer our banking services to traditional asset managers and corporate clients, always B2B or B2B2C.

Efficient outsourced Trading Desk and Asset Management Solutions.
Together with our partner AlphaValue, we are the leading provider of independent pan-European equity and sector research. We provide quality research for selected companies and sectors within the GSA Region, plus an extensive range of pan-European corporate securities. With this approach, we create added value for corporate clients looking to generate capital and for investors seeking investment ideas.

Tailor-made, and independent pan-European Research with Focus on GSA Region.
We provide a regulatory-compliant and highly efficient banking platform for asset managers, liability umbrellas, family offices, foundations and fintechs and, as an outsourcing partner of capital management companies, we realise fund mandates. We relieve the strain on resources and processes in asset management and portfolio management by taking on all regulatory and administrative tasks relating to a mandate.