Accountants &
business advisers

Capital Markets

In the capital markets business segment, Baader Bank provides services to corporate clients in the primary and secondary market. This business segment provides all the services and business activities for which the principals are companies acting as capital seekers and/or issuers.

Specifically, the service portfolio includes

  • Independent advice in financing and capital market transactions, the structuring and execution of equity or debt transactions via the capital markets, reallocations of stocks, and selected project financing.
  • In corporate brokerage, offered as an independent “service package,” Baader Bank provides independent and continuous advice on financing deals and transactions with assistance on the capital market and management of shares in the event of a stock exchange listing through active designated sponsoring.
  • The technical trading services (special execution) offered include support for capital measures, capital increases, and decreases, the support of voluntary and obligatory offers related to the purchase of shares, support for squeeze-out procedures, and the withdrawal of invalid physical share certificates.