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Exchange Trading

Depending on the market model in question, Baader Bank assumes pricing and executing orders in regulated stock exchanges in Germany and Austria for the following products:

Approximately 23,000 order books for German and international equities are managed by Baader Bank on the Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt stock exchanges as well as on the stock-exchange platform Gettex (Munich).
Quickly and directly executing orders is one of our strengths when trading in both domestic and foreign equities.

Baader Bank manages a total of approximately 16,500 bonds on the Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and gettex as well as on various OTC platforms. Prices are set on the stock exchanges daily between 8 am and 8 pm for the exchange and OTC trading of government bonds, government guarantees and unsecured bank bonds, company bonds, debenture bonds, and other covered bonds in addition to securities from agencies and supranational issuers. We also include in our offer bonds from developing countries and foreign currency bonds in 21 currencies. 

Funds and exchange traded fund
The product portfolio of the funds and ETFs traded on the Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt stock exchanges and Gettex (Munich) in addition to various OTC platforms includes around 3,400 funds and 1,300 ETFs. During stock exchange trading times, Baader Bank creates binding purchase and sale prices, acts as a liquidity provider, and can offer fund and ETF prices in line with market requirements, thanks to its own permanent calculation.

Securitised derivatives
At present (as of June 2017), around 900,000 securities accounts, consisting of 500,000 investment products and 400,000 leverage products, are managed by Baader Bank in the segment of securitised derivatives. Electronic interfaces to the approximately 20 issuers ensures high quality standards in service and trading by means of processes automated to the greatest extent possible and complex plausibility controls.

Your contact persons

Roland Hirschmüller
Head of Equities Trading Stuttgart

Klaus Stopp
Head of Bond Trading

Christian Buettner
Head of Equities FFM/MUC/BLN, Funds and ETFs


Stefan Scharffetter, Verbriefte Derivate

Stefan Scharffetter
Head of Securitised Derivatives