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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the Company and its business independently. It is committed to the aim of achieving sustainable value creation in the interests of the Company. The Board of Directors develops the Company’s strategic orientation, votes on this with the Supervisory Board and oversees its implementation. It is also responsible for appropriate risk management and controlling within the Company, as well as regular, timely and comprehensive reporting to the Supervisory Board. The Baader Bank AG Board of Directors consists of four members.

Nico Baader

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Responsibility: Market Making, Strategy, Legal,
Human Resources & Company Organisation, Treasury, IT, Communication,
Equity Capital Markets


Dietmar von Blücher

Member of the Board of Directors, Responsibility: Internal Audit, Compliance, Group Corporate Security, Risk Management, Accounting, Controlling, Credit, Backoffice


Oliver Riedel

Member of the Board of Directors, Responsibility:  Brokerage, Account Services, Fund Services, Research Services, Corporate Brokerage